Complete Guide of Best Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna

best long range outdoor tv antenna

If you are an individual well known for investing much of your time enjoying television programs, it is essential to make sure you always receive a signal that is of the best-quality. Living far away from a broadcasting station may cause you issues getting a trusted-signal.

Shortly before proceeding, you should get this disclaimer notice. Many websites and review sites will make you believe that it is possible to supply you with a list of antennas capable of 100, 150 and also 200 miles of coverage. Be informed that it won’t be easy getting signals if you stay within these distances.

The real deal is you’re assured of getting the best broadcasting signal if you’re within about 60 miles, any distance away from that approximate figure will result in a degrading of the broadcast transmission signal.

Receiving good and strong transmission signals requires you to have a bigger style antenna that comes with multiple sensor elements and erected at a pretty good height.

What Are Long Range Outdoor TV Antennas?

An outdoor TV antenna is vital for receiving strong signals in areas farther than 15 miles from the broadcasting station, with a high-gain directional advantage.

A typical feature in outdoor antennas is the ability to radiate in a unidirectional pattern, so the right end of the antenna should be directed at the Broadcasting station.

The broadcasting signal received is passed down a transmission line directly into the house and to the television eventually. Formerly, antennas have a flat 300-ohm twin-lead cable.

It is usually erected a few distances away from metals like antenna poles or gutters, by so doing, it was constructed using insulators. The latest types of antennas produced come with a 75 OH RG-6 coaxial cable that is attached to the TV using an F connector.

A long range TV antenna helps to get you a strong signal and saves you the time and stress of looking at a blurred screen on your TV. The only issue encountered from most of the antennas that you buy at a local retail store is the size. A lot of these antennas do not usually pick up signals from a far distance.

Why Do You Need A Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna?

Living in a local area where valleys, trees, and many kinds of obstructions are faced, the antenna specifications written out in this write up are going to help you choose the one suitable for you because, at times, bigger could be better.

In rural areas, a bigger antenna with sensing elements is easily accommodated due to the obstructions mentioned above. Urban areas, on the other hand, come complete with constraints, aesthetics inclusive, that can’t allow it to accommodate the “big behemoths.”

Additionally, in rural areas, there may be obstruction of signals from the broadcast towers that you’re receiving a signal from. This is not so in urban areas so, you’re good with a smaller and more compact long range antenna.

You need a large antenna so that you can quickly get strong and good signals if you fall under this group, mainly when you are located in remote areas where mountains, valleys, rolling terrains or any obstacle that are likely going to be a problem.

The bigger, the better should be the case in this scenario. You should ensure that your antenna is mounted higher to overcome this issue. It is also essential that you know where broadcast towers lie so that your antenna won’t be facing the opposite direction.

How to Choose The Best Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna

Before choosing your preferred best long range outdoor TV antenna, there are certain factors that should tick your box and must include:


Interference, by any definition, is the absence of sound signals in a particular environment and is mostly caused by an obstruction between the source of the signal and the receiver.

In this case, both points are the broadcast tower and the TV antenna. Huge structures and vegetation are the most frequent causes of interference.

Hence, it is recommended that you erect the antenna at an elevated position to eliminate the amount of interference blocking the signal caused by obstruction.

The most complex obstruction, however, is electronic interference. Different types of electrical equipment and wireless devices can contribute greatly to interference.

To make an informed choice on the best outdoor TV antenna, take note of specific features that obstruct electronic interference if you want to have any chance of getting the best channels.

Attic Vs. Rooftop Installation

Most TV antenna installations are usually done in an indoor attic model or the rooftop. However, our expert recommendation is the rooftop installation. It is simply the best option for long lasting service on outdoor TV antennas.

Ensure that the signal streaming from the broadcast tower can reach the antenna to give you the highest quality possible. Roofs that are made of aluminum sheets can dampen the intensity of the signal in an indoor attic model installation.

This is why we recommend rooftop installations since metal surfaces disturb incoming signals.


As you should know, TV channels broadcast in VHF and UHF frequencies. If you are looking to receive signals on both wavelengths, the best choice is the outdoor TV antenna that is capable of receiving both signal types.

Purchasing a long range outdoor TV antenna with a single frequency will severely limit reception on certain channels. Hence, a dual capability TV antenna is the best way to receive consistent and high quality frequency.

Antenna Height

A critical aspect of any successful installation is the height of your long-range outdoor TV antenna as it plays an important part in the performance of your antenna.

Antenna height reduces interference and simultaneously improves signal quality. If the broadcast tower is far from your end, we recommend that you erect the antenna on a most to receive a better signal.


1. 1byone Amplified Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna

1byone amplified outdoor digital hdtv antenna
  • 1byone Amplified Outdoor HDTV antenna is designed to receive signals from a wide variety of channels including sitcoms, sports, news, and kiddies programs that satisfy the entertainment needs of the viewer. This amplified outdoor digital antenna is compatible with coaxial cables that can scan multiple channels simultaneously.
  • In addition, this particular antenna caters to the taste of viewers that are fans of HD television with improved picture and sound quality, and there is no going wrong with 1byone. Furthermore, the antenna receives both UHF and VHF broadcast signals. The duality makes it the perfect choice for long range signal reception.
  • The combination of Doly sound effects, crystal clear HD, an exquisite design coupled with a rigid structure makes it the perfect antenna to withstand unfavorable weather. We can affirmatively assure you that this antenna provides excellent value for money.


  • Ease of use
  • A rigid structure designed to weather any condition
  • Supports HD, Ultra 4k HD, and 3D channels
  • Includes one year warranty and 30-day guarantee after the purchase


  • Cannot receive a high number of channels

2. 1byone Omni-Directional Outdoor HDTV Antenna

1byone omni-directional outdoor hdtv antenna
  • The selling point of the 1byone Omni-directional long range antenna is the aesthetics which attracts buyers. This top notch HDTV is fitted with a 720-degree rotation that can be contorted to different shapes without reverting to horizontal and vertical forms. The long-lasting rigid structure is tailored to withstand any adverse weather conditions.
  • The additional snow proofing and waterproof features combined with extra coating protect the outdoor antenna from ultraviolet rays. This gives this particular product long-lasting qualities that contrast nicely with its high reception of quality signals.
  • The antenna has an accompanying 26 feet coaxial cable that does a wonderful job of elevating the outdoor TV antenna to a visible position.
  • The combination of these features creates a unique viewing experience for viewers with maximum audio output. You can install the 1byone Omni-directional HDTV antenna in your indoor attic model or on a rooftop. Due to its compact shape, it does not require extensive space.


  • It is fitted with an extended cable
  • Quick and easy setup
  • High quality performance
  • Very durable
  • Omni-directional support


  • Some users have complained of its short distance coverage

3. Channel Master CM-4228HD Outdoor TV Antenna

channel master cm-4228hd outdoor tv antenna
  • The Channel Master outdoor TV antenna is one of the best on the market with its guaranteed value for money. It is multi-directional and receptive of both digital and HD signals from far distances.
  • With an extended range coverage that spans 80 miles, this TV antenna can receive signals from many channels. If you are a big proponent of audio clarity and high definition viewing, then the Channel Master is the perfect long range outdoor TV antenna. It eliminates the need for cable TV and involves zero stress during installations; it is pre-assembled from the factory.
  • Both VHF and UHF signals can be received on this TV antenna, regardless of your location. The product is fitted with a 75-ohm coaxial output designed to boost the user experience.


  • Fitted with  durable 75-ohm coaxial cable
  • Can cover reception for up to 80 miles
  • Receives both UHF and VHF signals in analog and digital formats
  • Relatively easy to setup
  • Omni-directional


  • Some users have complained of only receiving UHF signals

4. Antennas Direct 2 Element Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna

antennas direct 2 element bowtie indoor/outdoor tv antenna
  • A product of Antennas Direct, the 2-element bowtie outdoor TV antenna is one of the finest long range antennas in the world. It’s efficiency at receiving signals from as far as 45 miles, both in UHF and VHF formats, make it a consumer favorite.
  • A fun feature is the bowtie shape of the antenna and combines with its ability to receive strong signals in less populated regions.
  • The 2-element bowtie outdoor antenna is 30 inches in height and 1.6 inches in diameter and fitted with a steel tube, thus boosting the versatility of the antenna configuration.
  • This feature allows the antenna to be positioned in different ways to aid smooth viewing.
  • There is also an additional HD antenna that can not only brave harsh weather but also provides scintillating, engaging visual imagery. The final perk that closes most customer is the lifetime warranty on all 2 element bowtie TV antennas.


  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • Guaranteed lifetime warranty
  • Quick setup
  • Built to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Different mounting options


  • Bad weather often contributes to a low signal quality

5. Winegard FlatWave Air FL6550A Outdoor HDTV Antenna

  • Vineyard Flatwave is known for its customer-friendly price, decent esthetics, and ability to receive signals from far broadcasting towers. This HDTV antenna is one of the newest products on the market and can boast of an ultra low noise split band digital amplifier that improves the signal quality.
  • Per size, it is compact in nature and is designed to one up bulkier outdoor TV antennas. Unlike other long range outdoor HDTV antennas, Winegard Flatwave Air is lightweight and easy to install. It is just 2.92 pounds.
  • By our estimations, the antenna can comfortably reach signal towers from 60 miles in any direction, which allows attracting sitcoms, news, live vetting, and weather channels easily.
  • It also possesses a unique feature that allows consumers access to broadband TV programs.
  • Winegard eliminates any fear of interference or obstruction when mounted on a rooftop. Simply connect it to your TV set via the coaxial cable and you can start enjoying a variety of channels immediately.


  • It saves space and favors a picturesque look
  • Can receive both UHF and VHF signals with the integrated reflector function
  • Guarantees crystal clear HD imagery to your screen
  • All operations from designing to implementation are executed in the USA


  • In the process of mounting, the hardware is prone to having scratches

How Did We Test Our Choices For Long Range Outdoor TV Antennas?

At a height slightly above 10 feet from ground level, 19 TV antennas were erected and tested. Each antenna was turned and precisely targeted using a rotor to search for a good broadcast signal from 18 channels each.

A Winegard RC1010 HD digital tuner was connected to each antenna with a solid RG 6 copper coax cable. There was no signal amplifying device in the setup except for the Lana TV antenna that comes with an in-built signal amplifier.

It is important to note that different brands of the tuner with their signal meters having different calibrations were used and this will result in varying percentages of signal strength as the tuners are being interchanged.

Winegard tuner was also used in testing all of the antennas to get a non-partial result when testing for the best TV antenna set.

The various test results were compared with that of other users and experts to check if there was any significant difference, thereby ensuring consistency for the final rankings.

For the few brands that could not be tested by first-hand procedures, the remarks were gathered from tech publications, expert’s verdicts, and consumers conclusion.

So, which long range outdoor TV antenna you should need?

Most users usually prefer an indoor HDTV antenna to get their desired channels. It is advisable for a user to opt for an outdoor TV antenna while trying to get a good signal strength.

In most cases, only an outdoor TV antenna can solve a long distance signal strength obstruction. The 1byone Amplified Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna serves you with an unbeatable performance with strong signal quality.

It is light in weight and compact when compared to most outdoor TV antennas. Thus, it is easier to get an appropriate location for mounting. You can connect more than one TV set at once provided you have a splitter.

With this choice of an outdoor TV antenna, you need to feel relaxed and suit yourself with your favorite channels on a bright TV screen.  


If you’re trying to avoid a weak signal strength or obstruction when receiving a signal, get yourself an outdoor TV antenna. Many brands and models are available everywhere you go today, but rest assured that the outdoor TV antenna listed in this article have been chosen amongst top brands to the best experience ever.

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