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When it comes to video editing, one of the best weapons you can have at your arsenal is video effects. Video effects are the best tool to make your video special. There is various video effects software out there that can help you with video editing.

The best video effects software should always have crisp and special effects that can appeal to your target audience. A good video editor also has different built-in effects.

Some of the functions of a video editor include motion effects, the addition of colorful effects and brightness, overlaying videos, changing of color, and so much more. You’ll have fun editing your videos with video effects software.

What is Video Effects Software?

Video effects software basically transform are footage into anything you want it to be. The self-acclaimed Hollywood magic is not possible through the use of video effects that include video filters, transitions, coloring, and other features.

If you’re starting out your own YouTube age or desire to have video editing skills, video effects software play a huge part of artful editing in turning your footage into a video that exudes creativity and ingenuity.

Thanks to video effects software, video editors and VFX specialists can adapt video content into marketing, movies, sales, and various platforms.

The applications of video effects software continue to rise with the introduction of new technology into the market and video effects editing is now regarded as a top skill rivaling software development and motion graphics

Why Use Video Effects Software?

You can easily employ special and visual effects various video editing and production issues. They are used for multiple video productions which include realistically rendered CG projects, stylized video, and live-action videos.

They have also proven to be the best way to create emotional and visual stimulation in viewers. Look at the statistics below:

  • Almost 90% of information moving the brain is visual. The mind is also capable of processing images 60,000 times faster than words.
  • A study also shows that after three hours, the brain can recall verbal and visual information 80% while it can only remember spoken information 25%.

Visual effects can also change the most boring stuff to an appealing message. Visual effects help to edit the smallest of details like polishing a product and can even come in when it comes to significant edits like turning winter to spring or day to night.
If you want your videos content to be mistake free and polished, you should get video effects software.

key features of video effects software

Key Features of Video Effects Software

Filter and Transition Effects

As the name implies, the transition effects grant you the ability to transition your videos the way you want while the filter effect allows you to optimize your videos. The main difference between the filter and transition effects is that transition effects are used within two clips while filter can be used to edit an entire video clip.

Color Correction

Since this topic is extensive, we will try our best not to dabble in it. Also, remember that it allows you to use color to either unbalance your video to communicate a feeling or to balance the footage.

This feature is usually part of the Filters, but it’s importance and the fact that you’ll be using it a lot is the reason why it’s a section itself. Color Correction filters are available on Premiere and Final Cut, but they’re not the best around.

Motion Effects

The primary purpose of motion effect is for applying adjustments and keyframes when editing a video. It is not a fancy feature, but it allows users to use various modifications to their videos.

It also allows you to add a keyframe that in turn will enable you to animate videos in fundamental ways like making it spin around, more significant, smaller, and much more.

Our Top 5 Best Video Effects Software

movie maker

1. Movie Maker (for Windows)

The Windows Movie Maker is a user-friendly video effects software with a highly flexible interface that allows users to enjoy visual effects likes titles and transitions that are professionally animated.

One of the selling points is zero issues when it comes to programming your videos. Some of its compatible file formats include AVI, ASF, MOV, MTS, WMV, AVI, and more.

Price: Free


  • Rich video effects like titles, credits, and transitions
  • Free to use
  • Simple and Easy interface


  • Sometimes freezes and crashes
  • Difficult to uninstall
  • Only support Windows
  • Not recommendable for advanced users

2. Sony Vegas Pro (for Windows)

sony vegas pro

The video effects software was used as an audio editor before being converted into a video editor. One of its essential features includes the 24p DV that allows users to convert one format to another. This helped to promote efficiency. It supports such as AVI, WMV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and MOV.

Price: Starting from $399.95/lifetime; Upgrade from $199.95


  • The video editor is professional and recommended for beginners and advanced users


  • There are no detailed workflows for this product
  • Multiple versions that often confuses users
  • Works only on Windows system;

3. Filmora Video Effects Software for Windows

filmora video effects software

This is a professional video effects software that is equipped with all effects that makes video stunning on Windows an Mac. The software is an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals alike.

Apart from its built-in effects, Filmora Video Editor is also filled with effects store the continuously updates effects packs with different themes.

Key Features of Filmora Video Editor:

  • It had over 300 effects that include filters, PIP effects, texts/titles, sound effects, transitions, and intros/credits.
  • Various output options like mobile devices, Vimeo/YouTube, DVDs, and different audio and video formats.
  • It’s text styles does not need any modifications, you need to select your proffered text style, edit it, then apply it to your video.
  • There are also up to 300 motion elements that will help your videos more perfect and loveable. The components are related to Thanksgiving, birthdays, Christmas, love, while others are related to work stuff.


  • It is equipped with special effects like mosaic, tilt screen, and Picture-in-picture mode.


  • Does not have any noticeable issues.

4. Adobe Premiere Pro (for Mac and Windows)

adobe premiere pro

This is another video effects software that uses a timeline to edit and add effects to your video.  Some of its selling points include having a dynamic previewing feature, easy creating of titles for your videos, supports various file formats for easy compatibility, and more. Other notable features are its Photoshop and effects.  It’s support file formats Luke MOV, MXF, F4V, and AVI.

Price: From $119.88/year to $599.88/year


  • It is equipped with a detailed help guide
  • It works well with other products from Adobe and other programs
  • It has a user-friendly interface


  • It has no lifetime license
  • Crashes occasionally
  • It costs much time when downloading, launching, and installing

5. Final Cut Pro (for Mac)

final cut pro

Final Cut Pro as a powerful media organization that makes its one of the best tools for creating video effects. It is a top of the line software that doesn’t even require graphics or rendering intricate effect before playback.  

It is also equipped with a revolutionary video editing that allows for easy syncing. Final Cut Pro supports various video formats like iFrame, XDCAM, MPEG IMX, and HDV.

Price: $299.99/lifetime


  • It satisfies the needs of a professional
  • It is used in Hollywood movies
  • It had powerful tools like magnetic Timeline, perfect organization tools, and background processing.


  • Has no support for Windows
  • Expensive
  • Complex for beginners

So, Which free video effects software you should prefer?

Filmora Video Editor comes on top when it comes to functions, performance, and cost. With just $39.95/year, you get over 1000+ effect.

You can get Windows Movie Maker and iMovie for free, but unlike Filmora, they only provide essential video effects functions.
So if you’re looking to create the best video, don’t go for this couple. Whichever one you chose, I hope this review has enlightened you.

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