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One of the important things that always make traveling better is keeping your gadgets charged all the time. There are various adapters available at your disposal when you’re home, but if you’re moving to a far place, you should know that the outlets and voltage work in different ways.

There are unexpected instances where you might need to fit your adapter in a differently shaped outlet, and sometimes a voltage converter is required, so you don’t destroy your electronics.

The voltage needed usually depends on the type of device and the country you’re in. Therefore you might opt in for a single adapter, universal adapter, or a built-in one depending on the place you’re traveling to.

What Is a Travel Adapter?

Most of the countries that have ties to Europe use a 230 volt, and 50 cycle sockets and plugs. Various countries use the same systems, but others have a variety of connectors. Various problems usually occur when using an electrical device that has a special plug to another country with a different one.

A Travel plug is also known as an electric power adapter, and it enables a connection between a plug in one region with a foreign socket in another.

If you’re traveling around a continent that uses 120 volt 60 cycle power, a travel adapter is not safe, look for teaching list of the voltage of the country.

How Does a Travel Adapter Work?

A Travel Adapter other a travel plug converter allows users to plug their electronics into different sockets and wall than the usual one used in their country.  You’ll need the travel adapter to be able to fit into the outlet of a different country.

How To Use A Travel Adapter?


Check the electrical system and plug type for the country you intend to visit. If possible, you can peruse through the list of electrical specifications that are applicable to every country. This can be found in most travel adapter kits. A good example is the 220 volts system that is used in Argentina.


It is important to obtain a travel adapter is multi-purpose and fits a variety of electrical outlets. Regardless of the plug or socket use, your adapter should show a letter that is also on the plug configuration.

Countries like Sweden, Italy, Albania, and Argentina use the C adapter in comparison to UK outlets that are only compatible with the G adapter.


A good way to start your trip is by checking the label on the back of your gadgets to check the power requirements, and also identify the corresponding information on the transformer as well as a voltage level.

This will help you to see if a converted is needed during your trip. Another quick solution is to contact the manufacturer of your gadgets for their expertise.

Most mobile phones and everyday appliances usually have dual voltage levels rated 220 and 110 volts. Thus indicates that a converter is not needed for your devices in the majority of these countries. You simply need a plug adapter there is compatible with the power outlet.

Note that the absence of a dual voltage rating means your device is single voltage.


Check the voltage of your devices if it is not indicated on the device. Simply multiply the voltage and amperage values as written on the cover of the appliance. Charging a device that has low wattage without using a transformer can lead to the destruction of the electrical system.


Get a transformer or converter fitted an adapter based on your requirements as instructed in the steps above. Our expert recommendation is for you to obtain a converted that has a rating higher than needed. A good example is when you use a 350-watt converter on a 220-watt device.


When you arrive at your destination, plug the appliance to the outlet via the transformer or converter. By using either, you can plug in the device without dear of electrical failure.


You have done this a million times so just insert the plug into the wall outlet. It is important to check that adapter and cord fit in perfectly to eliminate the risk of a power surge. Be sure to do this before plugging any of the cords into the power outlet.

How To Choose The Best Travel Adapter?

Travel Adapters vs. Converters

There is a huge difference between travel adapters and voltage converters. The purpose of a travel adapter is to fix plugin socket issues that might arise when the power supply or voltage level from a power outlet is not compatible with your device.

Always check the voltage level of your destination country and compare with the supported voltage level for your device. In most cases – and with new devices – the voltage levels are compatible in most countries.

The only exception is single voltage devices. Dual voltage rated devices do not need a voltage converter.

International Charger

If you are going to buy a travel adapter, you might as well purchase an international charger. Usually, European plug adapters are strictly usable in European countries which make them useless in other regions like Australia, Asia, and Africa. There are several plug options that are compatible with international traveling.


Universal chargers and regular adapters have a significant difference in size. The biggest reason is that international adapters are bulkier as they are fitted with a device that contains different plug options. Voltage adapters can also be large depending on the usage level.

USB Options

The sign of a quality travel adapter is the availability of USB ports on the gadget. Majority of branded USB adapters are fitted with dual USB options.

Certifications and Guidelines

After seeing the instructions, it is advisable to reach out to the manufacturer of the device if you have any concerns and inquiries.

Always check the voltage level and other critical features. If your go-to option is the all-in-one travel adapter, then check for certifications that show FCC, CSA, CE, and RCM – all certifications from the USA, Canada, France, and Australia respectively.



bestek international power
  • The BESTEK international travel adapter is designed to provide adequate power supply across all devices irrespective of your location. Basically, it is guaranteed to charge all gadgets in several countries and through a variety of power outlets.
  • It has the capability to convert current from 110V-120V, and from 90V-260V.
  • The ability to convert current means you don’t have to worry about connecting your devices to a converter. This easily makes it’s a top contender for the best travel adapters in 2019.
  • Dimensions: 6 x 3 x 1.6 inches.
  • Are other colors available? – No.


  • It supports different kinds of sockets available.
  • Devices can be plugged without using an adapter.


  • It does not allow various devices to plug in.
  • It is costly.


saunorch international travel adapter
  • Travelers that want to juice up multiple devices and require heavy power supply will benefit greatly from purchasing the SAUNORCH international travel adapter. It can charge multiple devices including your tablets and smartphones at the same time, as it is fitted with your USB ports.
  • It is also fitted with a universal A.C. socket that can power any grade of appliance you carry on your trips.
  • To boost user experience, the adapter is also fitted with a Smart IC chip that detects higher voltage and adjusts the current supply accordingly.
  • It can also fast charge your devices simultaneously. This feature is enabled by the safety shutter and 6.3 amp fuse that protect the adapter from burning out.
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 2 x 2.1inches.
  • Are other colors available? Yes (Black/Blue).


  • You can easily charge your appliances at the same time.
  • It had a Smart IC chip that adjusts power easily.


  • It costs a lot.
  • It is not readily available.

3. OREI 7 Travel Adapter

orei 7 travel adapter
  • The OREI 7 is a set of seven travel adapters that are compatible in over 150 countries, and they also come in a case that’s small enough to put into a carry-on or a backpack. The set is labeled with both outlet types so travelers can easily take the one they need from the collection.
  • All the adapter comes with two-outlet plugs, which makes it possible to charge at least two devices at once, the device is also grounded, so you can easily plug in a three-pronged power cord.  You should note that the adapter set does not convert voltage. Therefore, make sure to check your devices before plugging them in.


  • It is compatible with over 150 countries.
  • It allows you to plug a three-pronged cord easily.


  • The device is grounded.
  • It does not convert the voltage.


orei m8 plus adapter
  • This is an adapter made by a world-class brand that produces the broadest range of electrical chargers and adapters.  They are known for their in-depth knowledge about the market demands and the years of experience they gathered by providing a wide variety of adapters for adventure travelers and businesses.
  • OREI M8 Plus Power Plug Grounded Charger has a compact design and ergonomics that made it stand out among others. It is an all-in-one charger, so it accepts all types of plugs. You won’t need to buy any adapter after this one.
  • Dimensions: 2.5 inches across the length, width, and breadth of the adapter.
  • Are other colors available?- Yes.


  • It has ergonomics and compact design.
  • It accepts all types of plugs.
  • A renowned brand produced it.


  • It costs a lot.


maxboost powerstrip adapter
  • MaxBoost Powerstrip adapter, like the name suggests, affords users the capability to charge all gadgets and portable devices straight from a power outlet. It is internationally recognized as one of the best travel adapters because of its compatibility rate that spans over 150 countries.
  • The sleek design combined with 4 A.C. outlets and 5 USB ports show that it incorporates aesthetics with efficiency. Multiple ports allow you to charge different grade of devices simultaneously.
  • If needed, the USB ports can adjust the supply of current according to each device. A personal reason why I rate the MaxBoost Powerstrip adapter is it’s integrated A.C. units which eliminate any chance of a power surge, fluctuations, and short circuits.
  • Dimensions: 1.2 x 3.9 x 7.5 inches.
  • Are other colors available?- No.


  • It allows you to power all your appliances easily.
  • It has a sleek design.
  • It allows up to 4 AC outlets as 5 USB ports.


  • It is quite big.
  • It is expensive.
  • The AC circuits are grounded and do not allow for flexibility.

So, which is the Best Travel Adapter for your travel?

Having an adapter will make your journey more comfortable and more fun. You’ll be able to connect with the other parts of the world. Travel adapters will make your life easier, and you’ll find some of the best and frequently used traveling adapters above.

My pick for best travel adapter of 2019 is the OREI M8 Plus. Despite its high price, it provides value for money while also favoring a top notch ergonomic design that ensures you do not forget it in your hotel room.

To sum things up, the adapters reviewed above provide efficient and safe charging, conform to minimum standards, and safeguard your accessories and devices with different types of outlet in different world regions. This means you’ll have any issue while charging your devices. Have fun traveling!

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